About Wetin U Sabi

The drive

Our goal is 5,000 youths becoming professional Web Designers, Bloggers and earning Social Media Influencers, all done using Mobile Phones. That in mind, many of those trained can become usefully employed or work to improve businesses digitally.

"The technological world and its opportunities is a blessing for Africans robbed of a good life. Its skies are big enough to contain every young person of this generation. No panic, we are getting there. My happiness will be to have people becoming better with the little talent we give."
Hanson Uko
Hanson uko
Wetin U Sabi Lead Trainer

Here is it!

Wetin U Sabi” is a series of free online training campaign to help youths make good use of their smart phones. The aim is to equip youths with high-powered digital skills for smart phones in order to help create jobs with use of technology and the internet.

As the name implies, “Wetin U Sabi” (What Do You Know?) is a rhetorical question to young people about how much they know about their phones and help to train and expand their knowledgebase on how use it for their economic benefit.

Wetin U Sabi focuses its trainings on these key areas;
How to build and develop professional websites (both business and personal), online forums, blogs with mobile phones, turning social media platforms into legit income earning sources, and key digital education on economic use of internet and mobile phone.

The goal is for every young person who responds and act on the question to “Follow Sabi” (Also Know) and “Chop for their Sabi” (Earn from what they Know!).

The core training is Free for every youths from ages of 18 and below 40 years.

The trainings are hosted on Whatsapp, Telegram, and physical Talkshops.

The terms and conditions of training remain simple; we have a standard to identify carefree and unserious participants. Such will not be given chance.

Participants should be able to collectively encourage and support the drive, as the quality of the training can hardly be afforded by many.

Here is the beauty

We don't just teach, we do!